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Munich goes UK!

Our first interview for the UK!
With the lovely people of the Tuckshop Community!

Here it is:

The Tuckshop Community have pretty much had Destroy Munich’s debut “Don’t Forget the Birthday Cake” on continuous repeat ever since it was released late last year. It therefore should come as no surprise that we managed to track a few of them down to talk local bands, birthday cake and drinking copious amounts of vodka. Enjoy the article and be sure to check out this gem of an album.

Hello Destroy Munich, could you please introduce each one of yourselves?


Patrick: Hi! I’m actually not sure what my instrument is called. (guitar)

The best way to describe me:

Gabriel: Hi! (guitar, voice)

Sepp (bass) wanted to join the interview so badly, but he lost his nerves again and had a bottle of Vodka for breakfast. Now he’s lying on the floor crying for more Vodka. Looks like this:

Absent: Valerie (Keyboard), Toni (Cello), Matthias (Violin), Philipp (Drums)

Where about in Austria are you guys based?

Patrick: At the moment we are all living and studying in Vienna, but actually we all come from the countryside.

I was actually born in a small fishing town called Newlyn and every year we celebrate the fish festival. Basically it’s when the local fisherman get really drunk and dance to bands like this.
Does your town have any strange festivals we should know about?

Gabriel: Yeah, the towns where we were raised are in the “Weinviertel” (would translate as “wine quarter”, a region famous for it’s cultivation of wine). So we’re quite familiar with drunkards, dancing under influence to crappy bands and getting insulted for our looks.
For example there’s a famous wine-festival in my hometown “Retz”, where the town’s two main wells are filled with free wine which is naturally the main attraction.
And there you can also enjoy some fantastic bands like “Chief Jackson”

Are there any other bands from Austria we should be checking out?

Gabriel: I’m a big fan of “Valina”. But there’s a lot of good stuff happening here. (Mile Me Deaf, A Thousand Fuegos, Robotra, Paper Bird…)

Patrick: Francis International Airport (mainly the Chinese girl who plays the keys!), Killed By 9 Volt Batteries, Nine Inch Negl, I Am A Sloth.

Your debut album is called “Don’t forget the birthday cake” what is the best ever birthday cake you’ve ever had?

Patrick: Chocolate cake, word.

Gabriel: When I was 14 a friend of mine gave me a cake filled with meat as a present. He used to say ” A life without friendship is like a cake without meat.”

What was the most memorable thing about your last gig?

Gabriel: Probably the 12 hours drive back home afterwards.

Sepp: Any Woa… Woa… Vodka left?

What was the last record you all listened to?

Patrick: It’s kinda hard to tell since we are seven people. But there are some bands everyone of us enjoys like Pavement, Sonic Youth, Cat Power, Yo La Tengo, PJ Harvey, Sebadoh, Bon Iver,… You get the picture.

Apart from recording some pretty sweet music do any of you have any other talents?

Patrick: No.

Gabriel: I do like gardening.

Patrick: But wait, I’m actually pretty good at space traveling. But that’s boring.

If the Tuckshop Community were to hang out with you all for an evening, what would we do?

Gabriel: At the moment I think watching Sepp getting drunk is pretty amazing.

Where can our listeners and readers find you?

Gabriel: We have a nice little blog going on. I’m afraid most of the entries are in German only:

And of course the usual social media crap like facebook or twitter. Also myspace. But it’s dead anyway:

Please can you finish this sentence…. “I think the Tuckshop Community is….”

Patrick: … better than Christmas.

Sepp: Ouarrraahhhhghhhhh…

Gabriel: I second that!

(interview taken from here:

They also played one of our song in their radio show. I really do like the way he pronounces "Woyzuck":

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